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  • Friday, September 12, 2008

    The School Historical Perspective

    The Liliw National High School formerly known as Bukal National High School was founded on July 19, 1971, when three barangay captains endorsed its opening. The three barangays were Barangay Kanluran Bukal with Barangay Captain Roberto Lugada, Ilayang Sungi with Barangay Captain Vitaliano Monteiro and Barangay Oples with Barangay Captain Macario Vines. The school had its temporary territory at the Marcos Building near the creek of Liliw Central School. The school had its first name Mataas na Paaralang Sekundarya ng Bukal. Mr. Mauro Borlaza was the first principal with Ms. Flocerfida Borlaza as his Assistant and in charge for the secondary. Its opening had an enrollment of sixty – three (63) males and seventy six (76) females divided into three sections. The first graduation of the school was in 1975. In 1973, Mrs. Geneza Brul, from Liliw and teaching at Pedro Guevarra Memorial National High School decided to teach in Bukal. A month after, she was appointed as Principal by Ms. F. Borlaza.

    In 1976, the school has decided to move to Barangay Kanluran Bukal for the danger of its closure. A petition from a near private school was filed because of its nearness to the said school. It must be located six kilometers away from the private school (the Lilio Academy). Bukal Barangay High School celebrated its first Foundation Day in 1977. Under the term of Mrs. Brul many changes happened such as the inclusion of Math – Science Curriculum for the cream section. There were sixteen (16) pioneer members who exerted their best to be able to live up the expectation of the Division that time.

    Many changes happened in the aspects of education in the term when Presedent Corazon Aquino led the country. In 1987, the changes were seen through the step by step move of the government. The education is free and the government gave additional facilities to the school. The government concentrated to the education . It was that time Bukal Barangay High School classified as Bukal National High School.

    In 1990, September, Mrs. Brul left her position because of her retirement. Mrs. Immaculada Placente, a head teacher in Mathematics Department of Pedro Guevarra National High School for sixteen years was appointed as Principal of Bukal National High School. Her philosophy both Scholastic and Monastic had brought out additional rooms and teachers with high caliber of learning. Mrs. Placente encouraged the teachers to take their Masters Degree. In her retirement the school lives to her idea.

    Mrs. Immaculada Placente pioneered the founding of Isla Verde Campus, the Annex of Bukal NHS in 1992. This is throgh a lot donation by the Fernandez family. In school year 1993 – 1994 Mrs. Placente together with her thirty – two faculty members asked the governor then Jose D. Lina Jr. for additional classrooms. The good governor donated P 200 000.00. The Loreta Lina (now the Administration and Library) rose in 1995. It was followed by the construction of Joey Lina Building. The other is through the auspices of the Rural Bank of Liliw manager and at present the municipal mayor of Liliw, Jonathan Polistico. Mrs. Placente left her office on October 1999 with the school on its highlight of achievements both in physical and academic excellence of students.

    Next on the list of principals is Mrs. Belen Veterana native of Cabuyao, Laguna. Mrs. Belen Veterana arrived on December 1999 two month after Mrs. Placente’s retirement. One of her plans is to change the name of Bukal National High School to Liliw National High School (BNHS – LNHS). She proposed the change based from the cases presented by teachers, students, parents and community. It was on March 13, 2000 that Liliw Sangguniang Bayan approved the resolution renaming the Bukal National High School to Liliw National High School (BNHS – LNHS). The Sangguniang Bayan of Liliw precided by Vice Mayor Pablo Orioste, approved the said resolution. The resolution, which was on its 3rd and final reading, has gotten 9 – 1 votes by public hearings. Hon. Eliodoro Coligado SB’s Education Committee chair backed the resolution that was presented to him by the Local Government. Mrs. Belen Veterana continued that unfinished project or mission of Mrs. Immaculada Placente. She implemented English Drive where all the students are encouraged to use the English language as means of communication in school.

    Dr. Juanito Y. de Ramos succeeded Mrs. Belen Veterana. Dr. de Ramos assumed his office on October 2000. Dr. de Ramos is a native of Lumban, Laguna. Under the term of Dr. de Ramos, two classroom buildings were built at the main campus. This was under the help of Congressman Danton Bueser. Another room was constructed beside Joey Lina Building. This comes from the savings of the school. Another building was built that was named after the present Governor of Laguna, Teresita “Ning-ning” Lazaro at Isla Verde Campus.

    May 2005 when Dr. Sonia Cadawas, the 6th Principal of Liliw NHS assumed her office. The short – lived stay of Dr. Cadawas brought about a radical change to Liliw NHS. Under her one-year stay, Dr. Cadawas has helped construct another school building, the New Teresita Lazaro Building at Isla Verde Campus.

    Dr. Adelina Acelajado took over the school as OIC Principal from July to September of 2006. Her three months of handling the school has brought out the solution on basic problem of the school such as beautification, cleanliness and orderliness of the campus. Her benchmark was the reconciliation among teachers, students and the community of Liliw National High School.

    Mrs. Sonia Alvero is the 8th Principal of Liliw NHS. She assumed her office on the 10th of October of 2006. Even as a beginner, she had made a gigantic upliftment of the Liliw NHS Academic Status. She pioneered the formulation of mission and vision for the school, taking into consideration the school and its stakeholders potential. Less than a year from her assumption into office, she made the realization of the dream of Liliw NHS to build a covered court, not to mention other construction such as the Faculty Room, TLE room and renovation of rooms at the main building under the auspices of the Philippine Army’s KALAHI Program.

    Liliw National High School waits the bandwagon of Progressive Schools and joins them in attaining what is envisioned by its skillful administration.


    Saturday, August 30, 2008



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